Monday, May 26, 2008


VVD019 Simon Firth - Operator (Llupa Remix) - Out now

A remix I did recently for Simon Firth has been released today through Vise Versa Music on Beatport! The original is a great slab of deep, throbbing, melodic house and I got the pleasure of putting a breaks twist on it.

Responses have been pretty good, but as the label tends to play on the prog house side of the fence it hasn't seen much promo in the breaks world yet.

A link to the release on beatport - VVD019 Simon Firth - Operator EP on Beatport

or hit up mypsace for a preview -

VVD019 Simon Firth - Operator EP

01 Operator
02 Operator (Llupa Remix)
03 Unbeatable
04 Unbeatable (DC Project Remix)

An outstanding EP from up and coming Simon Firth. "Operator" is a peak time progressive track that will run shivers all over your spine, while Unbeatable is the track for the late-hour set. We have Australian breaks-talent "Llupa" on remix duties for Operator, while DC Project give us a epic trance version of Unbeatable. A release that has it all!

VVD019 Simon Firth - Operator EP on Beatport

Cheers, Tom


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