Friday, June 20, 2008


PolarR008 - Llupa - Nightware (with 601 Remix) - Out Now!

Polar Red welcomes new signing Llupa, a producer who specialises in deep rolling breaks. Llupa makes his impressive debut for Polar Red with the dark and moody Nightware. This track is guaranteed to devastate on a big system with its crisp percussion and heavyweight bassline. On the flip 601 deliver a darker stabby old school flavoured remix.

Nightware is released exclusively at now and other stores will follow in the next month.

click here for a direct link to the release – Llupa – Nightware on Beatport

Support comes from Jay Cunning, Mr No hands, Hyperion, Digital Breaks Foundation & Jariten(Sound of Habib) amongst others.

Llupa -

601 -

Polar Red -

Some reviews of the tune and remix;

Daniella Downs @

Llupa - Nightware - Nightware opens up with a nice tribal break and a muted groove that truly is a sign of things to come later in the tune. the slick techfunky groove at the first break immediately has my head bobbing, and is the epitome of groovy more organic techfunk (don't ask, just go with it). excellent percussion on this one, and at the 2nd big change, i'm sold. i would play the crap out of this. oddly enough, i recieved this a while back when he was trying to get it signed, and i'm glad that someone picked it up. great groovy number.

Llupa - Nightware (601 Remix) - Label heads, the 106 boys turn in a remix that is a little more techy and dark than i'd expect from them, and that works just fine with me. i like the moody vibe at the first build. the shaker is a great addition here. to be honest, i dont know how much i really like the drums on their remix. it sounds kinda muddled, and bunched together, but im sure i'm probably wrong. i think a more straight forward kick/snare pattern woulda worked on this one more. kicks aside though, i really like what they've done with the rest of the tune musically. the trippy feel is excellent and a half.

Review link -

Shatt-A-Proof @

Llupa - Nightware - Nice deep intro on this tune. You can really tell from the Get go that this is gonna be a HEAVY tune! (I'm excited!) Proper Rolling B-line drops in before the beat and really adds to the Drop. Llupa is on Fiya with this tune, It has a great beat to it and the versatility is ACES! The breakdown has a cool hook'ish', eerie kinda pad to it that I like a lot The overall structure of this track is done very well and with the crowd cheering towards the 2nd break I find this to be a very proper raunchy tune fer sure! Nice stabby grooves and eerie pads keep this tune goin' in the second half. All in all this is a DOPE dancefloor tune that holds a nice place on the dark side.

Llupa - Nightware (601 RmX) - YET MORE DOPE TUNAGE FROM 601!! This One has the energy that any fan of 601 knows and loves. Solid roller of a drum beat takes you into a early Breakdown with a HEAVY Filtered B-line that creeps up on ya and Drops Ill Fists all over your FACE! Nice Staby synth work from these guys makes this a more peak hour ‘anthem’ spin on the tune. The 2nd break contains a very well done build up to a Stormer of a tune that is well deserving of a quick fist in the air from us all ( raise fist in air at this time......).

Review link -

Jaurelio @ - if you speak Italian ;)

L'introduzione bongolata e tribale dell'original version di 'Nightware' subito ci prepara ai bassi poderosi ed al riff techy e funk, condensato in una prima elegante pausa attorno ai due minuti. L'incisione riparte e a 132 bpm lo svolgimento è poi ben fluido fino all'altra piú corposa e disegnata vuota sequenza, nell'alternanza studiatissima di cinematiche, scure atmosfere e ritmiche rotte. È davvero un manicaretto assai gustoso quello preparatoci da Llupa, aka Tom Herbert-Doyle, produttore elettronico che spesso incede al deep e al melodico, sempre supportando soniche e corpose frequenze. Non da meno i patron della Polar Red, i 601, nel remix, abili nell'intrecciare scansioni altrettanto dinamiche e scure, si dimostran capaci nell'articolare acidici fratturati inviluppi, irresistibili per la crowd catturata dal groove e sballottata ben bene sulla pista.

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1015 Sessions with Llupa on cover duty - 01 - 20th June 2008

01. Madoka – Plataforma [Release Records]
02. Parallel Sound - The Massive [Sinister]
03. Sketch - Pentangle [Sinewave Recordings]
04. Dan F - Zhenghe (4/4 Mix) [Disuye Records]
05. Elite Force - Mygen (Dan F Dub Mix) [U&A]
06. PMT - Necromancer [En:Vision Recordings]
07. Dascyllus - Point Float [Inaspace]
08. Downpressor – Oxygen [Ritmic Records]
09. Digital Breaks Foundation - Digitize The Musik [Chemistry Club Recordings]
10. Bitrok - Digital Rhythm [Title Fight Recordings]
11. General MIDI - Milton (Digital One Mix) [Distinctive Records]
12. 4Kuba – Contact [Born Idle Records]
13. Llupa – Nightware [Polar Red]
14. Plastic Shell – Gutbucket [Ego Shot Recordings]
15. UNKLE - In A State (Meat Katie & Elite Force Remix) [Global Underground]
16. Evil Nine - For Lovers, Not Fighters (Retroid Remix) [CDR]
17. Llupa – Kismet [Polar Red]
18. Heretik – Stranded [CDR]
19. Mesmer – Wormsigns [Sound of Habib]
20. McQueen - Don't Be Fooled [Edit Records]
21. Beta - Beat Funk [Far Ace Music]
22. ILS - Lone Riders (Def Inc. Remix) [Botchit & Scarper]

1015 sessions with llupa - 01 - 20th June 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 121MB

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Disc Breaks with llupa - 36 - 19th June 2008

01. Liz Melody -Forget U (Nuboy's Acid Chops Remix) [Re:Connect Recordings]
02. Rob Reng ft. Ninelives the Cat - Funk Down Low (Force Mass Motion) [Ruff Dog Recordings]
03. Blatta & Inesha - Flesh Dance (Groove Diggerz Remix) [Ruff Dog Recordings]
04. Funkasaurus – Jackhammer [iBreaks Funk]
05. Plump DJs - Torque Of The Devil [Finger Lickin’]
06. Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought - When I Was A Yout (Krafty Kuts Remix) [Against The Grain]
07. Sam Hell - Stay Out All Night (Groove Diggerz Mix) [Sinister]
08. Reix - Electro Funk (Myagi Mix) [Reix Records]
09. Steelzawheelz - Discotron (Drumattic Twins Remix) [Money Shot Recordings]
10. Soul Of Man - Gonna Keep On [Finger Lickin’]
11. Sam Hell – Cosimo [Brighton Breaks]
12. Electric Soulside - Destiny [FlatOut Records]
13. Electric Soulside - Second Life (Rob Reng Mix) [Ruff Dog Recordings]
14. Llupa - Nightware [Polar Red]
15. DJ Killer - Acid (Plaza De Funk Remix) [Functional]
16. Plump DJs - Blackjack [Finger Lickin’]
17. Meat Katie - Round & Round (Vandal Remix) [Lot 49]
18. Santos - I've Made Progress (Rouge Element Remix) [Distinctive Records]
19. Plaza De Funk - Funked Up [Mantra Breaks]
20. Break The Box - Groovy Moves feat. Ira (Plaza De Funk Remix) [Ground Level]
21. Rob Reng - Plug Me In [Ruff Dog Recordings]
22. 9west - Naughty Rock (Break The Box Remix) [Iboga Records]
23. Lightshapers - Still Got Love [Polar Red]
24. Funkasaurus - Work Dis (Theo's FattyLFOSaurus Remix) [Labrok Records]

Disc Breaks with llupa - 36 - 19th June 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 122MB

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Disc Breaks with llupa - 35 - 12th June 2008

01. Evil Nine - Pearlshot feat. Juice Aleem (Switch Remix) [CDR]
02. Lee Coombs & Nick Thayer – TFM [Lot 49]
03. Mephisto Odyssey - Superphonic (Funkasaurus Remix) [Groove Quest]
04. Santa Fe - Bunka (The Peepshow Ownerz rmx) [Sango Music]
05. C83 - Camera Shy [En:Vision Recordings]
06. DJ Naga - Die Rhythmen Ein ( Remix) [Chi Recordings]
07. Llupa – Parabolica [Polar Red]
08. Night Buffalo - Hard Times (Dylan Rhymes Remix) [Burrito Records]
09. General MIDI - Milton (Digital One Mix) [Distinctive Records]
10. Jariten - Truskool [Sound of Habib]
11. Tim Rex Experiment - Alive (Neztic Dub) [Sango Music]
12. Stanton Warriors - Seeker (What What What Remix) [Punks]
13. Vigi & Nectarios - 2C Beat (Nectarios Remix) [CDR]
14. Plastic Shell – Gutbucket [Ego Shot Recordings]
15. Evil Nine - Restless feat. Toastie Taylor (Dylan Rhymes Remix) [Marine Parade]
16. General Electric - On The Run feat. Llama (12'' Mix) [Diverted Traffic]
17. Santos - I've Made Progress (Rouge Element Remix) [Distinctive Records]
18. 4Kuba – Contact [Born Idle Records]
19. Nick Thayer - Mind Control [Passenger]
20. 4Kuba – Sometime [Born Idle Records]
21. AF & Dustin H - Seismic (Stefan Anion's Running For Cover Mix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
22. Mesmer – Wormsigns [CDR]
23. Beta - Beat Funk [Far Ace Music]

Disc Breaks with llupa - 35 - 12th June 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 116MB

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Disc Breaks with llupa - 34 - 5th June 2008

01. George Delkos - Deftoner [Dezign Music]
02. James Harcourt - Call & Response [Twisted Frequency Recordings]
03. Beckers & D-Nox - Naked Punch [HOMmega Productions]
04. Parker - Western Soul (Groove Diggers Remix) [Rocstar Recordings]
05. Bitrok - Digital Rhythm [Title Fight Recordings]
06. Elite Force – Engine [Lot 49]
07. 4Kuba – Contact [Born Idle Records]
08. Mr. Fogg - Seciov (Vandal Remix) [Spin Out]
09. General MIDI - Milton (Digital One Mix) [Distinctive Records]
10. llupa – Vela [CDR]
11. Digital Breaks Foundation - Digitize The Musik [Chemistry Club Recordings]
12. Bitrok - The Real (Robosapiens Remix) [Dead Famous Records]
13. Lojak - Africa (Pilch Breaks Mix) [Audiodamage Records]
14. Plastic Shell – Moron [Ayra Recordings]
15. Introspective - Skanky (Original) [Sinister]
16. Lee Coombs - The Hum (Meat Katie Remix) [Lot 49]
17. Plastic Shell - Gutbucket (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
18. Hyperion - On the Expressway [U&A]
19. Mephisto Odyssey - Superphonic (Peter Paul Remix) [Groove Quest]
20. Digitalis - Mind Games (Introspective Mix) [Sinister]
21. Hedflux - Music Is My Weapon [Sinister]
22. Mars & The Phat Riderz - Communistic Funky Beat (4KUBA Remix) [XSSR Music]
23. Sikztah – Iluvu [Ayra Recordings]

Disc Breaks with llupa - 34 - 5th June 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 120MB