Thursday, July 31, 2008


Disc Breaks with llupa - 41 - 31st July 2008

Here's the goodness from last week :D

01. The Peepshow Ownerz - 31 June [Onpa Music]
02. Kid Blue - Way Back [Fat! Records]
03. Jaytech & Matt Rowan – Noodles [Curvve]
04. Sam Hell – Soft [Mofo Recordings]
05. Plaza De Funk - Drop The Bomb [Brighton Breaks]
06. 601 – Defnikki [Polar Red]
07. Bella - Baby Baby Baby (MKM & GBX Remix) [Digital Records]
08. Pedro Pablo Perez Hidalgo - Lapsus [N-Mitysound Records]
09. Bassboosa - Succumb (Future Funk Squad Remix) [Champion Records]
10. Introspective - Devil Theory (Peter Paul Remix) [Sinister]
11. Hyperion - On the Expressway [U&A]
12. Santos - Noizy Horn (Album Version) [Distinctive Records]
13. Neo - Absolution (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix) [CDR]
14. - T-break (Version 2) [Glack Audio]
15. Plastic Shell – Moron [Ayra Recordings]
16. Karton - Mugstar (Digitalis Remix) [Sound of Habib]
17. AFK & Dustin H - Seismic (Stefan Anion's Running For Cover Mix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
18. 9b0 - Sad Cat ( Remix) [Glack Audio]
19. J Hazen - 700ft (Beta remix) [Sound of Habib]
20. Journeyman & Barrcode - Wikkid Babylon (Def Inc Remix) [Born Idle Records]
21. Wavewhore - Breakin The Law (40000 Watts Mix) [Electrofly]

Disc Breaks with llupa - 41 - 31st July 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 108MB

Friday, July 25, 2008


Disc Breaks with llupa - 40 - 25th July 2008

Celebrating the 40th Disc Breaks show we feature this week a guest mix of the latest Good Groove mix tape from Sydney DJ Paul Master.

Featuring new tunes from the Basement Freaks, All Good Funk Alliance, The Beakbeat Junkie n more....

Paul Master

DJ Paul Master is renowned for his unique style of funk and jazz break-beat that’s equally as upbeat as his home in Sydney and as laid back as his New Zealand roots.
Seamlessly key-matched, Paul’s been pulling of some of Sydney’s smoothest resident sets at clubs such as Opera Bar, Bank Hotel since 2005. But his command of the decks and ability to work the room take him up and down the east and west coast of Australia and back home to New Zealand.
Funked-up break-beat with a twist of jazzstep drum ‘n bass - for those in the know Paul’s broken beat mixes have been circulating, gaining respect and support from artists and record labels in Australia and overseas. Paul’s sets now include the freshest unreleased tracks, sent in from producers as far as Seattle to London to test drive on his faithful Sydney crowd.


01. Gme & Ceasar K - Regressive Funk [Vibe Lebanon Records]
02. GTO - Pure (Swen Weber Remix) [iO Music]
03. Lee Coombs & Nick Thayer – TFM [Lot 49]
04. Santa Fe - Bunka (The Peepshow Ownerz rmx) [Sango Music]
05. Bengston - Needle Juice [Ritmic Records]
06. Jaytech, Matt Rowan - Noodles [Curvve]
07. Kid Blue - Way Back [Fat! Records]
08. Splitloop - Pleasure Machine [Against The Grain]

Good Groove Mixtape mixed by Paul Master;

1:Badboe - Stax of Trax (Unreleased Track)
2:Mark walton - Got It Like (Jon Ohms Remix) (Senso Disc)
3:The Breakbeat Junkie - Don't Go Back (Good Groove Records Unreleased)
4:Basement Freaks - Ya Need a Funky Band Ft Quasamodo (Unreleased Track)
5:Streamer - Vague Ass (Unique)
6:Basement Freaks - Urban Jungle (Music Kitchen)
7:Featurecast - Disco Diesel (Blend Remix) Super Hi Fi)
8:Quincy Joints - Real (Basement Freaks Unreleased Remix) (Timewarp Inc.)
9:The Breakbeat Junkie - Linguistic Funk (Good Groove Records Unreleased)
10:Onur Engin - Brisk (Omegaman remix) (Straight Up)
11:Doctor Music Project - Slip Stream (Timewarp Inc.)
12:Badboe – I Like it Funky (Unkonwn Label)
13:All Good Funk Alliance vs Neighbour feat. Wax Romeo - SBC (Jalapeno)
14:Instituto Mexicano del Sonido - Para No Vivir Desesperado (DieslerRemix)(Love Monks)
15:The Beakbeat Junkie - F.U.N.K (Good Groove Records Unreleased)
16:Sunsetsoul Pres. Da Wiesel - Soul Food (Featurecast Remix)(Good GrooveRecords)
17:Matenlo- Woho (Resense)
18:Sampology - Back on the Drums (Good Groove Records Unreleased)
19:Sunsetsoul Pres. Da Wiesel - Boogaloo Stomp (Smoove Remix) (Good GrooveRecords)
20:Central Tom - The World (Keep Up)
21:Smoove - Tired Feet (Acid Feet)

Disc Breaks with llupa - 40 - 25th July 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 111MB

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Disc Breaks with llupa - 39 - 17th June 2008

Nice little journey this, old stuff, new stuff, house stuff, breaks stuff...:D

01. Dusty Kid – Cowboys [Kling Klong]
02. Butter Party - Wriggle (ZC's Deep & Dirty Mix) [U&A]
03. Futureshock - Tigerdust (Dub Mix) [Renaissance]
04. George Delkos - Deftoner [Dezign Music]
05. Introspective – Submit [Sinister]
06. Lee Coombs & Nick Thayer – TFM [Lot 49]
07. Stan Kolev - Breakout (James Harcourt Remix) [Baroque Records]
08. Urban Monkeys - Dance Baby (Dopamine Remix) [Hardplace Records]
09. Dan F - Zhenghe [Sound of Habib]
10. Elite Force – Engine [Lot 49]
11. Madox - Heel Of God [Mantra Breaks]
12. Myagi - Giorgio Marauder [Title Fight Records]
13. Bartet - Hipnotik (South Beach Mix) [Sirenum Records]
14. Plastic Shell - Gutbucket (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
15. Mephisto Odyssey - Superphonic (Peter Paul Remix) [Groove Quest]
16. Santos - Sabot (Evil 9 Remix) [Mob Records]
17. Stanton Warriors - Blue [Punks]
18. Santos - Combination (Album Version) [Mantra Vibes]
19. Elite Force - Peyote Road (Hyperion's The Sun of Cactus's Mix) [U&A]
20. Dubfire - I Feel Speed (UNKLE Remix) [SCI + TEC Digital Audio]
21. Dustin H - Receive The Light (His Boy Elroy Remix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
22. - T-break (Beta Remix) [Glack Audio]
23. Hedflux - Music Is My Weapon [Sinister]

Disc Breaks with llupa - 39 - 17th June 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 120MB

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Disc Breaks with llupa - 37 - 3rd June 2008

Due to getting caught at work, last nights show was a little shorter than normal. Big thanks to Great Scott for playing on till I could make it.

Got lots of juicy stuff in tho' - check the TL below. Big ups to the peeps in the chat - it was going off!

01. Gme & Ceasar K - Early Attack [Vibe Lebanon Records]
02. Santa Fe – Bunka [Sango Music]
03. 601 - Back Then [Polar Red]
04. AMB – Wisp [Chi Recordings]
05. White Spaces - Don't You Forget About Me feat. Jim Kerr (Danny McMillan Breaks Remix) [Absolutely Records]
06. Mars - Make Me Hot (Yreane remix) [CDR]
07. Plastic Shell – Gutbucket [Ego Shot Recordings]
08. - T-break_(version_2) [Glack Audio]
09. Digitalis - Mind Games (Introspective Mix) [Sinister]
10. Hedflux - Music Is My Weapon (Far Too Loud Mix) [Sinister]
11. PJ & Smiley - Come To Turn It Out (CTRL Z Remix) [Shut Up & Dance]
12. Nitro - Violence (The Rogue Element Remix) [iBreaks]
13. Sikztah - Iluvu [Ayra Recordings]
14. Nterpol – Evens [CDR]

Disc Breaks with llupa - 37 - 3rd June 2008
Roughly 1.25 hours, 70MB