Thursday, November 27, 2008


Disc Breaks with Llupa feat. Boonos - 56 - 27th November 2008

This week we've got a real treat for ya! The third in the Disc Breaks Guest Mix series see tech-funk man of the moment Boonos stepping up and delivering a wicked exclusive mix for us!

Over the past year Boonos has fast become a producer worth keeping an eye on. Catering for the dirtier side of breaks, his style borrows heavily from his metal roots. With uncompromising heavy grooves, tough rolling basslines and progressive glitchy wrongness, his tracks have recently been rocking dance floors all over.

"Boonos has a big future ahead of him." - Dopamine (Title Fight Recordings)

Currently based in Sydney, the Essex boy has been working tirelessly in the studio on numerous new projects. With fresh material scheduled for release in late 2008 on both Title Fight Recordings, XSSR Music and Trickery Collective, along with a number of remixes, collaborations and original tracks currently being finalised, Boonos is already making his presence felt.

For those that couldn't catch it live here's the archive, wicked to see the chat cranking and big up's to all those that tuned in. Big thanks to Boonos for a particularly wicked set - big tings for this man I tells ya!


01. Jariten & Myagi - Still (Stefan Goodchild Remix) [Sound of Habib]
02. Beauty School - Beauty School (The Scientifics Mix) [Erase Records]
03. Hironimus Bosch - Beta (Meat Katie remix) [Aux]
04. Seth Vogt - On Your Own feat. Goldillox (D-Lerium & Faze Remix) [M-Toxin Recordings]
05. Wire - Proper Thingz (The Sceintifics Wikked Style Remix) [VIM Records]
06. Deibeat - Cityliners (Isy Remix) [N-Mitysound Records]
07. Alex Metric - In Control [Lot 49]
08. Superpolitik – Break It Down (Llupa Remix) [Polar Red]
09. Karton - Hi-Fi Show [Sound of Habib]
10. Break The Box & DJ Badboe - Test The Bass [Dead Famous]

Guest mix - Boonos

01. Introspective - Inside [Sinister Recordings]
02. Unkle - Eye For An Eye (Force Mass Motion vs. Dylan Rhymes Remix) [Global Underground]
03. Misfilter - A Place for You (Hedflux Remix)
04. Superpolitik - Whipped Cream (Boonos Remix) [Trickery Collective]
05. Boonos - Frisky [Title Fight Records]
06. Platinum Mules - Adrenaline [Mofo Recordings]
07. Hedflux - Non Stop [Breakin Even Records]
08. Dopamine - Come Closer (Boonos Remix) [Title Fight Records]
09. Sam Hell - Gun Club (Hedlflux Remix) [Sinister Recordings]
10. The Ride - Digitalis (Kid Blue Remix) [Sinister Recordings]
11. 9b0 - Sad Cat ( Remix) [Glack Audio]
12. Feeline - Let Go (Peter Paul Remix) [N-mitysound Records]

Disc Breaks with llupa - 56 - 27th November 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 113MB

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 55 - 13th November 2008

Ok, so a slightly delayed archive post, please forgive me..

Lots of juicy new stuff in this one, probably the best show I've done in a little while :D

01. Elektrofant – Cocaine [Cassette Records]
02. Break The Box - Prostitutes And Video Games (Grandson Remix) [Breakin' Even]
03. Dan F - The Politics Of Summer (TM7 Remix) [Glack Audio]
04. Alabama 3 - Monday Don't Mean Anything (Outmode Remix) [One Little Indian Records]
05. Elite Force - Jack The Joint (Introspective Mix) [U&A]
06. Elite Force – Engine [Lot 49]
07. Superpolitik - Whipped Cream (Boonos Remix) [Trickery Collective]
08. Hironimus Bosch - Beta (Meat Katie Remix) [Aux]
09. Deibeat - Beat Troops [Natural Breaks]
10. Tactica – Tablabreaker [Sango Music]
11. 601 - Dirty North [Polar Red]
12. AC Slater - Vertigo (Baobinga & ID Remix) [Destination?]
13. Nuboy - Numb You [En:Vision Recordings]
14. Seth Vogt - On Your Own feat. Goldillox (D-Lerium & Faze Remix) [M-Toxin Recordings]
15. Wrexx - Timeline (Stripped Mix) [En:Vision Recordings]
16. Jariten & Myagi - Still Feat. Sandra Nagano (Beta Remix) [Sound of Habib]
17. Butter Party - Flipperbaby (Projectiles Remix) [High Grade Recordings]
18. Nuboy - aWhat? (Beta Remix) [En:Vision Recordings]
19. Trona - Bulletproof (Kiro & Undecided Remix) [System Recordings]
20. Takomo - Rd79 R7 [Polar Red]
21. Mesmer and Dj Zinn - Thinking of You (Takomo Remix) [Scarcity Records]
22. Plastic Shell - Conestruck [Electrofly]
23. Lucas - Missing Nothing [IQ Sounds]

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 55 - 13th November 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 113MB

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Disc Breaks with Llupa feat. Neztic - 54 - 6th November 2008

This week the Disc Breaks show sees the 2nd instalment in the Guest Mix series, this time we're lucky to have Manuel Neztic hitting the decks with a tasty exclusive mix just for us. Well known for his organic tunes that are so damn distinctive, this mix keeps true to that - slipping effortlessly from breaks to house it's a showcase of upcoming Sango tunes, Neztic remixes and other gems - make sure you're tuned it!

Since the very beginning, Neztic was attracted to breakbeat and house music in all its variations, styles in which he fused characteristic Latin rhythms and percussive elements with funk and electro influences. After several participations in festivals and compilation albums like Technogeist, Love Parade and Maximas Texturas, Neztic decided to get more involved into nightclubs, djing and club oriented productions. Working constantly on his studio for a couple of years, lead him to sign his first remix for Fat! Records in London (BPhreak - Chunk Style) and a couple of digital singles on the north American label “Slanted House”, in march 2006 he started the label “Sango Music”, and a couple of months later MOB Records released his debut vinyl single in UK (Neztic - Kickin Down), that track was licensed to be featured as the official music theme in the advertising campaign of the Australia..s professional football league (A-league) in Australian national TV. In June 2006, Manuel Neztic signed a contract to release 3 vinyl singles in Europe, with the Swedish label “Sound Of Habib”, Home of producers like Dan F, Stisch and Jariten. By the end of 2006 Manuel Neztic started his own record label “Sango Music”, the label has received support by djs like Sandra Collins, The Crystal Method, Zimbardo, Randall Jones, Rennie Pilgrem, Steve Porter and more. In February 07, Neztic was invited to play at Breakspoll (International Breakbeat Awards) at Club Fabric, London. Finishing at the top 10 in the “Breakthrough Producer” category. His recent single ¨Directions / Let You Down¨ was licensed for the new Ministry Of Sound ¨Snow Sessions¨ Compilation. Other artists in this compilation include Claude Von Stroke, Switch, Stanton Warriors, Alex Dolby among others.

What a huge day - out at the races all day then home for the show, hence the first hour is a litte hectic

Big's up to all who tuned in to catch Neztic's guest Mix - it was v v cool and thanks to Manuel for the mix. For those who couldn't listen live here's the archive


01. JosÈ Gonz·lez - Crosses (Yardley Breaks Mix) [CDR]
02. General Electric -On The Run feat. Llama (12'' Mix) [Diverted Traffic]
03. Evil Nine - Restless feat. Toastie Taylor (Dylan Rhymes Remix) [Marine Parade]
04. Meat Katie & D.Ramirez - Stop The Revolution (Kid Blue Remix) [Lot 49]
05. Sky Fidelity & Club Foot - The White Knight (Christian J Remix)
06. Dreadzone -Love The Life [Functional]
07. DJ Killer - Acid (Plaza De Funk Remix) [Functional]
08. Break The Box - Groovy Moves feat. Ira (Plaza De Funk Remix) [Ground Level]
09. Journeyman & Barrcode - Wikkid Babylon (Def Inc Remix) [Born Idle Records]
10. DB3 – Baader [Functional]

Guest mix - Neztic

01. Mocambo - Enough [Electrico Records]
02. Ferdi Schwartz - Vanile (Santa Fe rmx) [Sango Music]
03. Undecided - American Gangster (Neztic rmx) [Mechanoise]
04. Geil Garnier - Muet [Unsigned]
05. Benjamin Vial - Remember (Neztic rmx) [Future Perfect]
06. Neztic - Wont Forget [Sango Music]
07. Neztic - Music On MY Mind [Sango Music]
08. Ferdi Schwartz - Lecken [Sango Music]
09. Ferdi Schwartz - The Big Gundown [Unsigned]
10. Tactica - Screaming [Unsigned]
11. Calleja - Techilla [Unsigned]
12. Lawgiverz - Passion [Botchit & Scarper]

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 54 - 6th November 2008
Roughly 2 hours, 110MB