Thursday, March 5, 2009


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 63 - 5th March 2009

That's right - I'm back!

After a month long break in Thailand I'm back and one of the great things about being away for a month is coming back and catching up on all the new releases and promos - and what a month it was with some huge releases.

Here's the archive for those that missed the show - bit of a journey from the prog to the tech

Unfortunately I had a couple of CDJ issues, so the mix stops twice, but I get is going again pretty quickly so it's cool. Will have it sorted for next week tho'

Next Week - We have an exclusive guest mix from Retroid, more info to come...

01. Caninesounds - Merrang (Si McEvoy Remix) [Spin Out]
02. Red Moon - Monster (Synaptic Remix) [Shiva Records]
03. Bennie Project - Zora's Domain (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix) [Glack Audio]
04. Seth Vogt - Dont Turn Away (Oracle Breaks Remix) [M-Toxin Recordings]
05. His Boy Elroy – Ghosts [Proton Music]
06. Retroid - Everyday Hero [Ego Shot Recordings]
07. Future Funk Squad and Beatman & Ludmilla - About To Fall [En:Vision Recordings]
08. Jinx - Twilight 2000 (Beta Remix) [High Grade Recordings]
09. Showroom Dummies - Gaze ( Remix) [Glack Audio]
10. Meat Katie and Elite Force - Dark & Deep [U&A]
11. Dopamine - Come Closer (Boonos Remix) [Title Fight Recordings]
12. LuQas – Creeper [Yellow Finger]
13. AMB – Flagpole [Chi Recordings]
14. Shopliftas - Nasty In The Shade [Ground Level]
15. Drumattic Twins - Don't Be So Drumattic [Finger Lickin’]
16. Access Denied - Lucky Bitches [Westway]
17. Calleja - Techila (Neztic Remix) [Sango Music]
18. Rektchordz - Feed Your Head (Elite Force Mix) [U&A]
19. Break The Box - The Hell [Lucky Break Recordings]
20. Quadrat Beat – Showtime [13breakz]
21. BSD – Funkdation [iBreaks]
22. Access Denied – Tumbler (Llupa Remix) [Yellow Finger]
23. ID – Mission [Re:Connect Recordings]

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 63 - 5th March 2009
Roughly 2 hours, 114MB


  1. Track 3 is wicked! And... where the fu** are the comments folks?!

    Keep it up Llupa! I look forward to the show each week!

  2. cheers for the support mate - muchly appreciated! and yeah, that Zora's Domain tune is v cool, Glack are on a roll at the moment.