Monday, September 28, 2009


Felix Stone -Timelab + Mesmer, Llupa, Hellbot remixes

Felix Stone delivers a massive first release on Flextone Recordings... A producer of sublime breaks and nasty acid runs, Felix’s "Time Lab" is quality from start to finish, showing real depth and quality in his production. Felix has also put together the perfect team for remixing: Great big breaks here from Mesmer, Helbot, & Llupa and last but definitely not least Yura Popov & The F Project have cooked up some beautiful prog-house interpretations!!

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01. Original
02. Mesmer Remix
03. Helbot Remix
04. Llupa Remix
05. Yura Popov Remix
06. The F Project Remix


Flash Brothers (Armada, Size, Curvve, Baroque, Bedrock, BugEyed, Cr2, Vandit) - Helbot remix is cool.

Stefan Anion (Proton, Distinct'ive, Polytechnic, Olaris, Pacific Front, Shiznit) - The original is very nice. Love the melody and the production is top notch. The Mesmer mix is a belter.

Sasha Le Monnier (C.O.U. Muzik, Source Of Gravity, Balkan Connection, Pangea U.K, Nightshade Music, LuPS) - Nice deep stuff from The F Project & lovely rolling warm prog house from Yura Popov!

Dj Samer (Pangea Records) - Popov Remix for me.

Alex Aguilar (BIT Records, Xela Digital, Jetlag) - Very nice release.

Retroid (Morphosis Records, Ego Shot Recordings, Bonzai, Existence, Pacific Front, System, Toes In The Sand, Tilth, Jetlag) - Wicked release! I like the original, Mesmer Remix and Llupa's Remix, will play them out!

Embliss (Proton, Armada, Morphosis Records, Mistiquemusic, Silk Digital, Green Martian) - Original mix in the bag!!

East CafĂ© (Mistiquemusic, Morphosis, Ocean Drive, Silk Digital) - Wow, great music! Llupa's remix is my fav, but the original has also got potential... and of course Yura's remix... it’s a perfect one to set the mood in the early hours. Funky piece of melodic deep house, hypnotic. These 3 stand out for me!

Lunar Shift (Electrofly, Ego Shot, Flextone Recordings, Bass Reflections, Supatronix Records, Big Square Records) - Original Mix - Nice sounds, strong drums, good tune to open a set with. The break down is well put together and drops back into the track with good effect.

The F Project Mix - I like the idea of having different styles in a remix package. This mix offers something different and has a good groove. One for a dark dirty house room at 2am - Lunar Shift

Lunar Shift Llupa Mix - Much more energy, riff moves along well, strong sounds. Breakdown has good suspense, similar to a trance track, but with more bite. -

Mobius (Ape Music, Dusted Breaks) - Flextone returns with a release from head honcho Felix Stone. The original of this is a progressive, light and musical affair. There is a fairly diverse range of remixes available on the package with the pick of the bunch being Mesmer's, who does what he does best with punchy beats and some warped bass.

Joe Fisher (BIT Records, Balkan Connection, Empro Music) - Mesmer and Original are my favorites! Sweet breakbeat.

Dingle (Baroque, Babylon, Workout, Jetlag Digital, Bellarine, Airport Route, Bonzai) - Yura Popov Remix has lush sounds.

Line of Sight (Morphosis Records, Flextone Recordings) - Amazing package overall! I'll play the original for sure, as well as Mesmer, Llupa and Helbot remixes! The progressive house mixes are really beautiful also!

Youthful Implants (Dead Famous, Sango Music, Flextone Recordings) - Absolutely loving this release. The original is fantastic and I will be playing but also really into the Llupa and Mesmer mixes. Both totally up my street and straight in the bag. Great stuff!

Duane Barry (Progressive Grooves, Polytechnic, Sundesire, Flextone Recordings, Future Lovers) - Mesmer, Helbot and Llupa remixes are all awesome !

Nick Stoynoff (Audio Logic, Particles, Nightshade Music) - Will support the Yura Popov remix, nice work there:)

Daniel Mahuad (Molecular, Perfecto Digital, RRBR, Silk, Jigsaw, Ocean Drive Records) - Great Music Here!

Ilya Malyuev (Vandit Records, Solaris Recordings, Armada Music, Silk, Arctic Wave) - Yura's remix is very good

Karton (Vacation Records, Sound Of Habib, Sango, Trans:verse) - Original and Mesmer remixes are really good.

Tommy Dee (LuPS,SoundTribe,Deepsessions,Underground Lessons) - My picks are the Original Mix and the Yura Popov Remix from this pack. The original is a really energetic progressive breaks track with some cool deep elements! Yura Popov remix is nice progressive house track with a great pumping bassline which driven the track very well. Will play these.


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