Thursday, April 29, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 116 - 29th April 2010

Hey guys, if you missed last weeks show, here is the archive. Lots of new shizzle from Glack, Scarcity, DSUK and Logico Beatz. Have to say though, my head was not quite in the groove so the mixing is a little dodgy in places, hopefully the tunes make up for it

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 116 - 29th April 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 124MB

01. Neo - What Dreams May Come [Electrofly]
02. Parallax Breakz - Hope [Scarcity Records]
03. - No Cure (Another Mix) [Glack Audio]
04. Leuce Rhythms - Headroot (Your Love) (Retroid Remix) [Scarcity Records]
05. Kraymon - Papillon Rouge (Line of Sight Remix) [Dead Famous]
06. Kickflip - Wonky Science (Beta Mix) [Breakin Even Records]
07. Jinx - Higher [High Grade Recordings]
08. Fletric - Plug Me (Original Mix) [Digital Sensation UK]
09. Mongewz & Retroid - D.P.S. [Ego Shot Recordings]
10. General - MIDI Absinthe (General Midi Mix) [Distinct'ive Records
11. Ghettface - Get Loud (Karton Remix) [Ridiculoud]
12. PRE:AMP - Koi Fish [Metamorph Muzik]
13. Triple Agent - Metamorphosis (KULTUR + COLOMBO) [VIM Records]
14. Beta - One - (Breaks Mix) [Sound of Habib]
15. Deibeat - Nexus [N-Mitysound Records]
16. bkp & One Man Army - Flippit (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Dusted Breaks]
17. Propellerheads - Cali Sk8r (Elite Force Mix) [U&A Recordings]
18. Access Denied - Paranoia [iBreaks]
19. Platinum Mules - The Kronk [CDR]
20. Ways & Means - Kick A Hole [Dusted Breaks]
21. Retroid - Supernatural (Karton Remix) [Sound of Habib]
22. Ghettface - Bang Your Fist [Ridiculoud]
23. Refracture - Believe (EK Remix) [Ridiculoud]
24. Kultue - A Wicked Tune (take 1) [Logico Beatz]
25. Aggresivnes - Essence (Llupa's Passive Remix) [Electroshok Records]

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 116 - 29th April 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 124MB

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 115 - ft. Parallax Breaks - 22nd April 2010

Back again with another top notch Disc Breaks guest mix - this week from rising star at the forefront of the Eastern breakbeat invasion - Parallax Breakz! I first heard about Parallax Breakz through their single 'Vulture' released on Bass Reflections, it was/is a quality slab of deep driving breakbeat that has been a permanent fixture in my sets since. After that, they continued with a flurry of releases and remixes all with the same deepness and all quality. You might say I'm a bit of a fan

I was stoked when he agreed to do an exclusive mix for my Disc Breaks show and what he's sent through is a showcase of fresh Parallax Breakz tunes and remixes - most of which you'll have never heard before, so make sure you catch this, it's gonna be wicked!

Parallax Breakz
(RUNE.UA / Ego Shot.HU / Scarcity.RO / Digital Sensation.UK / Flextone.USA / Morphosis.HU / Chip Sound.ESP / Bass Reflections.USA / Don’t Panic.UA)

Parallax Breakz – Ukrainian breakbeat project of Alexander Zhikharev. Sound of PB is breakbeat with influences of drum’n’bass, trance and techno. Since 1999 the artist has been involved into making of music. From 2002 to summer of 2008 he participated in several drum’n’bass projects. Results of this mutual work - 3 CD albums, hundreds of tracks, lots of releases and participation in parties & festivals over Ukraine & Russia, play on stage with well-known world d'n'b artists.

In summer 2008 author of Parallax Breakz had his first digital release "Parallax Breakz – Sacrifice" on a Kiev label "Don’t Panic rec.". At the beginning of January 2009 one remix from PB in collaboration with progressive-trance producer Almaz was released on "National Sound rec." in Russia. At this moment Parallax Breakz' tracks released on "Ego Shot rec." (Hungary), "Morphosis rec." (Hungary), Scarcity rec." (Romania), "ChipSound rec." (Spain), "Bass Reflections rec." (USA), "Flextone rec." (USA). More Parallax Breakz’ stuff are forthcoming on "Digital Sensation rec." (UK) & "Ego Shot rec.". Release "Faith" on "Ego Shot" had got a good feedback from "MixMag" magazine and support from DJs around the world.

At this moment Parallax Breakz is working on creation of his own digital label "RUNE recordings" and soon there will be plenty interesting psy-prog & atmo breaks, psybreaks releases from him and his friends. The artist has created a parallel project Parallax Beat for deep techno & deep&tech house music. Tunes from Parallax Breakz in originals and remixes had got a support from Mesmer (Scarcity, Sound of Habib / Romania), Retroid (Ego Shot, Morphosis / Hungary), Matt Darey (Nocturnal Sunshine / USA), Peter Paul (Lot49 / Spain), Stefan Anion (Proton Music / USA), DJ Faze (RTE Pulse radio Ireland / UK), DJ ToenS ( / Germany).

aah, what a great mix! Big ups to Alex PB for the mix, great to see so many peeps in the chat getting into it! here's the archive for those that missed out live.

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 115 - ft. Parallax Breaks - 22nd April 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 113MB


01.     Dr. Schmidt - Human Resource Management ( Remix) [Glack Audio]
02.     Wardian - Volaverun (The F Project Remix) [Flextone Recordings]
03.     The Emissary - Transfigured Night (Aeron Aether Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
04.     Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa's DOgmatic Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
05.     Refracture - Believe (Yanix Remix) [Ridiculoud]
06.     Mesmer - Whenever You Want Me (Lain Christoph Remix) [Scarcity Records]
07.     Masque - Elefantes (His Boy Elroy Remix) [Particles]
08.     Ilya Mosolov - Test Tube One [Electrofly]
09.     Triple Agent - Metamorphosis [VIM Records]
10.     Robosapiens - New World Order (Kultur & Colombo Remix) [Dead Famous]
11.     Moguai U Know Y [Hope Recordings]

Guest Mix - Parallax Breakz

01.    Parallax Breakz - Shadow [RUNE CDR]
02.    Parallax Breakz & M_Spark - Sun (Parallax Breakz VIP rmx) [Ego Shot CDR]
03.    Parallax Breakz - Vulture [Bass Reflections]
04.    Ilya Mosolov - Agoraphobia (Parallax Breakz rmx) [Scarcity CDR]
05.    Parallax Breakz - Stranger [Scarcity CDR]
06.    Parallax Breakz - Eclipse [RUNE CDR]
07.    Conectivers - Without It (Parallax Breakz rmx) [unreleased]
08.    Parallax Breakz & Oleg Zubkov - Lightning [unreleased]
09.    Parallax Breakz - Train [unreleased]
10.    Parallax Breakz - Fear [unreleased]
11.    Felix Stone - Solvent (Parallax Breakz & M_Spark rmx) [Flextone]
12.    Parallax Breakz - Freeze [unreleased]

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 115 - ft. Parallax Breaks - 22nd April 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 113MB

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Disc Breaks break.. ;)

hey guy, sorry no show last week as I was away travelling with work. Instead I'll post up a new remix I've just finished which is forthcoming shortly on Ego Shot Records - Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa's Dogmatic Remix)

Will be back next week with an exclusive guest mix from Parallax Breakz


Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa's Dogmatic Remix) PREVIEW by Llupa

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 114 - 8th April 2010

Here's the shizzle from last night - a slightly longer show this week @ 2:45, some new stuff and some old classics - even two new remixes from me - enjoy !

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 114 - 8th April 2010
Roughly 2.5 hours, 153MB

01. Grigory & Anthony - Other Melody Part.1 - Lokitas & IFrolov Remix [Pitch Music]
02. Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan - Angel Dream (Retroid Remix) [Liquid Surface Recordings]
03. Way Out West - The Gift (Way Out West's 2010 Remix) [Deconstruction]
04. Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa's Dogmatic Remix) [Ego Shot Records]
05. Rennie Pilgrem, Uberzone - Cous Cous (Royale Mix) [TCR]
06. Meat Katie, Redlight, Toob - Redlights & Lasers (Elite Force Mix) [U&A Recordings]
07. General MIDI - Absinthe (General Midi Mix) [Distinct'ive Records]
08. Retroid - Supernatural (Karton Remix) [Sound of Habib]
09. Deibeat - Nexus [N-Mitysound Records]
10. Access Denied – Paranoia [iBreaks]
11. Refracture - Believe (EK Remix) [Ridiculoud]
12. Odissi - Dirty Secrets (Hedflux Remix) [Lot 49]
13. Robosapiens - Acid Reign (LuQas Remix) [Dead Famous]
14. Hexadecimal - Serious Action feat. Percy Dread [Distinct'ive Records]
15. Triple Agent - Metamorphosis (Kultur + Colombo) [VIM Records]
16. Helbot – Sunshine [Flextone Recordings]
17. UnderThis - Skyline (Phrakture Remix) [Digital Sensation UK}
18. Shiloh & LP - All Those Things [Baroque Records]
19. Beta vs Mesmer - Tetris (Retroid Remix) [Scarcity Records]
20. Future Funk Squad, The Crystal Method - Isolate feat. Melody Klyman (Beta Remix) [En:Vision Recordings]
21. Mesmer – Whenever You Want Me (Line of Sight Remix) [Scarcity Records]
22. Ghettface - Get Loud (Karton Remix) [Ridiculoud]
23. Ladyhawke - Paris is burning (FFS 'Paris 92' Remix) [CDR]
24. Myagi - Thug (Karl Sav Remix) [Pop And Lock]
25. Colombo – Throazhan [Kultura Breakz]
26. UNKLE - In A State (Meat Katie & Elite Force Remix) [Global Underground]
27. The Beautiful Burn - Escape From Fire Island (Square Eyes Remix) [Flextone Recordings]
28. Hybrid - Formula Of Fear (Wrexx Remix) [CDR]
29. Aggresivnes – Essence (Llupa's Passive Remix) [Electroshok]

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 114 - 8th April 2010
Roughly 2.5 hours, 153MB

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 113 - 1st April 2010

Cheated a bit this week... I was not well, so rather then playing live I replayed two guest mixes from last year. Both are great mixes, so didn't think you'd mind ;)

Will be back fighting fit next week

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 113 - 1st April 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 113MB

Guest Mix - Kultur and Colombo

sorry, no tracklist

Guest Mix – Yannix

01. Karton - Spacetrip 82 (Original Mix) [Sound Of Habib]
02. Ghettface - Get Loud (Karton Remix) [Ridiculoud]
03. 9b0 - Antilightbulb (BETA Remix) [Glack Audio]
04. Ghettface vs. Yanix - Wikked Wayz (BETA Remix) [Ridiculoud]
05. Plastic Shell - Dead End (Eshericks Remix) [Ayra]
06. Digital Base - Superfashion (4KUBA Remix) [iBreaksBass]
07. Break The Box - The Hell (Original Mix) [Lucky Break]
08. Kiwa - Drop Control (Original Mix) [High Grade]
09. Sam Hell - Bone Snow (Original Mix) [Sinister]
10. Ghettface vs. Yanix - Get Ripped (Sam Hell Remix) [Ridiculoud]
11. Ghettface vs. Yanix - Get Ripped (Original Mix) [Ridiculoud]

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 113 - 1st April 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 113MB