Thursday, May 20, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 119 - ft. EK - 20th May 2010

The guest mix series continues this week on the Disc Breaks show, this time I'm very happy have playing live in the studio fellow Melbournite and breakbeat hero EK!

EK has really impressed lately after having a little hiatus away from the beats with a wicked release on Dead Famous and a stack of quality remixes in the last year. With a heap more in the pipeline, this mix promises to be chock full of quality


Australian Artist/DJ/Producer “EK” has gained a reputation as one of the nations unique talents in the art of breakbeat. As a live act, DJ and producer EK combines his varied musical influences into a fusion of tuff beats, twisted electronic sounds and epic melodies that have won him support from some of the biggest names in the global breakbeat scene.

From his first release in 1996 and a few inclusions on local compilations, EK scored a deal with the independent label Angels Trumpet, which eventually led to the release of his debut 1999 album, Decoder. “Future Nation”, Decoder’s lead track, was instantly picked up by national broadcaster Triple J Radio on high rotation and led to the inclusion of 3 tracks on Triple J’s Mix Up Tweak compilation. In his spare time he was often asked to provide cuts and scratches for Sonic Animation’s recordings and was also a fixture when the Sonic boys expanded their line up for special shows, like Live At The Wireless on ABC TV and as the supports to The Chemical Brothers

When his former label disappeared, EK soon found a new home in Sound Not Scene. “When All Else Fails” was the first EP and it carved up dance floors worldwide. Later in 2002 EK released 3 12”s winning friends from breaks dons of the likes of Rennie Pilgrim, Koma and Bones, Plump Djs, Hybrid, 10 sui, Tayo, Freq Nasty, Hyper and many many more.

In 2004 EK joined forces with Sydney label Falcon St Beats to launch the pioneering Forefront mix CD, with an aim to showcase Australia’s breakbeat elite. Forefront II was released the following year due to the success of the first compilation and continued to promote the breakbeat sound and support and discover new artists through out Australia. "1000 Thoughts Per Second" - EK’s second full-length album was released in 2007 on Sound Not Scene and received glowing reviews from Australian press and media.

In between his own productions he has managed to turn out some wicked remixes including, The Crystal Method’s “Born to slow”, Peace Division’s “Groove me” and Sweden’s Stisch “Beauty in me” and has played both Live and DJ sets everywhere from San Francisco, Auckland, LA, San Diego, Singapore, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra to Budapest and the UK.

After a brief departure from the scene, EK returned in 2009 with a new determination to push the breakbeat sound into uncharted sonic territories. Two singles “Exit Enlightenment/Speak Your Grind” were released on UK based label Dead Famous and earned “Breaks Tune of the Month” in the August edition of Mixmag UK. With a list of recent remixes for artists including Future Funk Squad, Kraymon, Refracture and more in the works, EK is leading up to the completion and release of his third album in 2010!

Big respect to EK for coming over and laying down a wicked mix, really looking forward to the new album :D

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 119 - ft. EK - 20th May 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 117MB


01.    DP-6 - Deep Sea (DP-6 Breaks Mix) [DP-6 Records]
02.    Clesk - AK47 (Aeron Aether Remix) [Stranamente Music]
03.    Christoph Maitland - Powertrain (Farace Remix) [Pop And Lock]
04.    Triple Agent - Mindwarp [VIM Records]
05.    PRE:AMP - Koi Fish [Metamorph Muzik]
06.    Dual Boot - Trigger (Duane Barry Remix) [Ridiculoud]
07.    Direct Input - Eddie's Money [Level Seven Records]
08.    BKP & One Man Army - Flippit (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Dusted Breaks]
09.    Fletric - Leveler (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
10.    Robosapiens - New World Order (Kultur & Colombo Remix) [Dead Famous]
11.    Hexadecimal - Serious Action feat. Percy Dread [Distinct'ive Records]

Guest Mix - EK

01.    Breaking News - Octopus
02.    Access Denied - Publicity
03.    Hedflux - Mindcell (RMS & Peak remix)
04.    Plump DJs - Scrammed (Elite Force remix)
05.    EK - Exit Enlightenment (Kraymon remix)
06.    Timmy Schumacher - Bring Back Big Beat
07.    Fletric - Plug Me (EK remix)
08.    Canine Sounds - I Like to Party (Sam Hell remix)
09.    B-Phreak - Shooked (Vandal remix)
10.    The Analogeeks - Subconscience
11.    Bassbin Twins - The Lock
12.    Metallica - Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar remixxx)
13.    Noisia - Machine Gun (16 bit remix)
14.    Refracture - Believe (EK remix)
15.    Fisso & Spark - Blow your mind (EK remix)
16.    Sketi - Hyperstate

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 119 - ft. EK - 20th May 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 117MB

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 118 - ft. Roma Khanov - 13th May 2010

More guest mix shizzle on the Disc Breaks show and again from the great Eastern breakbeat powerhouse we bring you Roma Khanov with a solid deep breaks set.

Roma Khanov
DJ Roma Khanov is a representative of Yaroslavl's new wave club scene. He is one of those who discovered such styles as Breaks and Break-Beat for the lovers of electronic music in Yaroslavl. During his career DJ Roma Khanov presented his sets in the best clubs of the city, earned established reputation amoung the music lovers and Dj's. Roman's bright artistic individuality and his own style of mixing are noted by all listeners, following his performances. The geography of his guest performances is always widen. He already presented his sets in lot's of Russian cities like, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Ufa, Arhangelsk. From 2007 DJ Roma Khanov perfoms on Kazantip festival. Such a great variety of perforamances is explained by nonstandart for his time method of work - Roman resists everybody's fad with pirate MP3's. For the compilation of his sets he uses only legal sources of music, like Juno and Beatport. During his perfomances Roman follow classic and beautiful DJ technology: 2 turntables and a pack of favorite vinyl. At the same time he confidently uses modern technologies. Serato Scratch Live & Apple Macintosh are always with Roman during his tours. Now Roman is playing on all events held by one of Yaroslavl's promo group Pro-Tech Sound System and carefully fills up his collection, selecting only brilliants of Breaks music.

Big props to Roma for a wicked mix, great reactions from the chat - cheers to all for tuning in!

Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 118 - ft. Roma Khanov - 13th May 2010
Podcast -
Roughly 2 hours, 125MB


01. Parallax Breakz - Wisdom (Solesystem Intro Mix) [Rune Records]
02. Mesmer - Cubes (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix) [Scarcity Records]
03. Triple Agent - Metamorphosis [VIM Records]
04. Hedflux - Mindcell (RMS & Peak Remix) [Broken Robot Recordings]
05. Fletric - Plug Me [Digital Sensation UK]
06. Odissi - Dirty Secrets (Hedflux Remix) [LOT49]
07. PRE:AMP - Koi Fish (KULTUR + COLOMBO remix) [Metamorph Muzik]
08. Beta - One - Breaks Mix [Sound Of Habib]
09. Mr. Tools - Humanize (Maztek Remix) [Crack House Records]
10. Eight:Ball - Preconception (Kickflip Remix) [Big Square Records]
11. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Purple Audio (DJ Orkidea's Buenos Aires Breakz Remix) [Vandit Records]
12. UnderThis - Skyline (Phrakture Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
13. Downpressor - All We Know (Future Funk Squads Know It All Mix) [Ritmic Records]
14. Nomek - Bulgaria [Play Digital]

Guest Mix - Roma Khanov

01.    Joman - Axiom (Original Mix) [Velcro City]
02.    Hada, Rhombus - Voyager (Rhombus Break Mix) [Morphosis]
03.    Noyd - Scuba (Original Mix) [Jetlag Digital]
04.    Jay Sustain - Never Easy (Original Mix) [Real Science]
05.    Boombatcha - Preminitions (Boombatcha's Visionary Tendancies Mix) [Aenaria Recordings]
06.    I lyke - Mass Hysteria (Syncro 69 Remix) [V.I.M.RECORDS]
07.    Soul T - Sunshine 4 R (Living Plastic Broken Mix) [Plaster]
08.    Rioter No. 1 - Wildside (Original Mix) [Benefit recordings]
09.    Left-Right and Digital Pizza - Gangbang (Jaritens Bang Bang Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
10.    ILS, Baymont Bross, I-Wunda - Real Life (Club Mix) [The Pooty Club Records]
11.    Hot Laundry - Some Days (Original Mix) [Kick It Recordings]
12.    The James Hope Project - Dear Friend (Original Mix) [Red Robot Records]

Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 118 - ft. Roma Khanov - 13th May 2010
Podcast -
Roughly 2 hours, 125MB



Thursday, May 6, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 117 - 6th May 2010

Really enjoyed this show, kept it on the deep tip and smashed lots of new tunage from DSUK, Scarcity, Ridiculoud, Glack, Rune + more - even dropped some new remixes of mine that have just been released - hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did playing it.

Stay tuned - got another guest mix for ya next week ;)

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 117 - 6th May 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 114MB

01. - No Cure (Original Mix) [Glack Audio]
02.     False Prophet - Wake Up (Sick Rick Remix) [Take Records]
03.     Royal Sapien - Outlander [Olaris Records]
04.     Will Spencer - Oceanica (Stefan Anion's Port Authority Remix) [Olaris Records]
05.     Farace - After The Storm [Kick It Recordings]
06.     Fletric - Plug Me (Retroid Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
07.     Future Funk Squad - Alien (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix) [En:Vision Recordings]
08.     The Emissary - Transfigured Night (Aeron Aether Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
09.     Helbot - Moonshine [Flextone Recordings]
10.     Leuce Rhythms - Headroot (Your Love) (Retroid Remix) [Scarcity Records]
11.     Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa's Dogmatic Remix) [Ego Shot Records]
12.     RMS & Peak - Ten Dimensions [Broken Robot Recordings]
13.     Dual Boot - Crank It (Ghettface Remix) [Ridiculoud]
14.     Triple Agent - Mindwarp [VIM Records]
15.     Mesmer - Whenever You Want Me [Scarcity Records]
16.     PRE:AMP - Koi Fish (KULTUR + COLOMBO remix) [Metamorph Muzik
17.     Dual Boot - Trigger (Duane Barry Remix) [Ridiculoud]
18.     Myagi & Root Sellers - Simmer ft. Norma McGuire (Llupa Remix) [Westway]
29.     Direct Input - Eddie's Money [Level Seven Records]
20.     Orzels Machine - Spaced [Trick Music]
21.     Mesmer - Cubes [Scarcity Records]
22.     Parallax Breakz - Eclipse [Rune Records]
23.     Kultur -  A Wicked Tune (Blitz's Invassive Remix) [Logico Beatz]

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 117 - 6th May 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 114MB