Thursday, June 24, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 123 - 24th June 2010

Well, no guest mix this week, just 2 hours of Llupa goodness ;) some new stuff, some old stuff and some new remixes from me - enjoy!

Archive - Roughly 2 hours, 116MB
Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 123 - 24th June 2010
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01. The Emissary - Synapse (His Boy Elroy Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
02. Parallax Breakz - Almazzed (Original Mix) [Digital Sensation UK]
03. Royal Sapien - Outlander [Olaris Records]
04. Leuce Rhythms - Headroot (Your Love) (Retroid Remix) [Scarcity Records]
05. Digital Breaks Foundation - Deeper [VIM Records]
06. Fletric - Microgravity [Flextone Recordings]
07. Direct Input - Eddie's Money [Level Seven Records]
08. Attack Release vs. Robosapiens - Trip (Myagi Remix) [Dead Famous]
09. Digital Base - Superfashion (General Midi Remix) [Distinctive]
10. Deibeat - Nexus [N-Mitysound Records]
11. Hedflux - Mindcell (RMS & Peak Remix) [Broken Robot Recordings]
12. Beta - One - Breaks Mix [Sound Of Habib]
13. Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Llupa's Me And My Remix) [RUNE Records]
14. Fash - Secrets [Silvernoise]
15. Line Of Sight - Bubblegun [Scarcity Records]
16. Lupo - Surprise Me (Karton Remix) [Kick It Recordings]
17. Future Funk Squad, The Crystal Method - Isolate feat. Melody Klyman (Beta Remix)[ [En:Vision Recordings]
18. Jinx - Bo Selectro [High Grade Recordings]
19. Diistortion - Taken (Llupa's Liberation Remix) [Ridiculoud]
20. PRE:AMP - Koi Fish (KULTUR + COLOMBO remix) [Metamorph Muzik]
21. Fletric - Leveler (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
22. LuQas - Replicant (MDK Remix) [Dead Famous]
23. Refracture - Believe (EK Remix) [Ridiculoud]
24. Ghettface - Get Loud (Karton Remix) [Ridiculoud]

Archive - Roughly 2 hours, 116MB
Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 123 - 24th June 2010
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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 122 - ft. Yreane- 17th June 2010

Back again with another exclusive guest mix, this time from manager of XSSR, remixer, producer and DJ - Yreane. Another heading the Eastern Invasion, Yreane has been helping push the breakbeat sound now for years with releases and remixes out on the likes of Ayra, Scarcity and Yellow Finger, with loads more in the pipeline, always on the deep heavier tip and always quality. His mix has plenty of exclusive new tracks from XSSR among others, so make sure you grab this one!


Yreane otherwise known as Boris Prokhorov, started his musical career in Moscow in his very early teens playing guitar in some rock bands. After discovering Prodigy, Chemical Bros and The Crystal Method, around the age of 17, Yreane began his fascination with electronic music.
Through TCM and Hyper albums and live sets from he came to breaks style. And fell in love with it.

In 2002 with his friend Dmitry Spirin aka MipH he creates the biggest russian web project about breaks – But in 2006 he gave up with that project and organized his own Breaks Review Show on the Internet Big Beat Radio.

After guest mixes from Peter Paul, Elite Force, Introspective, Jinx and other breaks stars, Breaks Review Show was getting more and more popular. And in spring 2008 has achieved a new level - NSB Radio.

In 2007 Boris made his first steps in music production. After making his debut remix for Evil 9’s ‘For Lovers Not Fighters’ remix competition, which was supported by several not only local DJs, Yreane has been continuing his remixing work for Cristian Paduraru. His first release - Reality remix – out on Cristian Recordings.

After meeting Mars in 2008, Yreane became XSSR Music manager.

2009 was a good year for Yreane. His remixes on Ayra Recs and Scarcity hits the Beatport Top 100. He continued his success in 2010 with Erase Records and VIM Recs. His music gets cool reactions from such famous producers as Far Too Loud, Access Denied, 4Kuba, Beatman & Ludmilla, Diverted and others.

After stuffing my back up this week rather than mixing live I played an old mix from mine from '07, lots os classic on there, hope you enjoy the trip... and a massive thanks to Yreane for a guest mix chock full of tasty and exclusive tunage - great mix mate!

Archive - Roughly 2 hours, 126MB
Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 122 - ft. Yreane - 17th June 2010
Podcast - Disc Breaks Podcast


01. Feuerhake – The Key [Synergetic Records]
02. Oxygen – Inside Me (Dan F Remix) [Release Grooves]
03. Downpressor – Oxygen [Ritmic Records]
04. Dascyllus – Point Float [Inaspace]
05. Llupa – Parabolica [Underground Lessons]
06. Desert Dwellers – Musiki Ukabili (AFK’s Moon Over Myakka Remix) [Ritual Sounds]
07. UNKLE – Reign (False Prophet Remix) [Global Underground]
08. Silencer – Drown In Me (Silencer Beats Mix) [Crictical Mass]
09. Dan F & Jariten – Halo (Hi 8 Remix) [Sound of Habib]
10. Beta – Trojan [Re:Connect Recordings
11. Realm – Ion ( Remix) [Ritmic Records]
12. Neo – Aura (Cosmonaut Remix) [Electrofly]

Guest Mix - Yreane

01. BSD - Hypnotizin' (Original) [iBreaks]
02. Oblong ft Adam Parker - Playing On My Mind (Elite Force remix) Peace Breakers Re Edit [CDR]
03. DJ Generous - Get Away (DJ Voorhees Remix) [CDR]
04. Access Denied - Paranoia (Original) [iBreaks]
05. Break The Box - Go Easy (Anarchy Rice Remix) [Dead Famous]
06. Lee Coombs - Detox (Access Denied remix) [LOT49]
07. Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Kiwa remix) [CDR]
08. Refracture - Believe (EK Remix) [Ridiculoud]
09. Plump DJs - Scrammed (Elite Force mix) [U&A]
10. Quadrat Beat - Round One (Original) [XSSR Music]
11. Vlad Sokolov & Mini Da Minx - Frisk My Disko (Peter Paul vs Marc Fox Remix) [Sokolov Sounds]
12. Karton - We Bleed (Club mix) [Sound Of Habib]
13. Andrey Mute - Landmine (Karton remix) [XSSR Music]
14. Afghan Headspin - MSG (Karton remix) [Valium]

Archive - Roughly 2 hours, 126MB
Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 122 - ft. Yreane - 17th June 2010
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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 121 - ft. Triple Agent - 10th June 2010

This week on the Disc Breaks Guest mix, I'm very pleased to bring you new kid on the Psy Breaks block - Triple Agent. This guy impressed me straight away with his Mindwarp EP that came out on VIM records a couple of months back, both originals have been getting a consistent rinsing from me since then. Then came his Trigger remix on Ridiculoud and that just cemented it for me. If you're into your breakbeat head down and driving with a healthy dose of the psy, make sure you grab this mix - quality.

Triple Agent

Luk Schmid was infected by the electronical virus since 1996. At that time he mostly went to outdoor Goa parties, Drum n Bass events and he played guitar in a punkrock band. The influence of different music styles was as formative that he eventually found his way to Nuskoolbreaks. In 2000 Luk and a friend bought the first Technics MK2 and began to mix Psy & Progressive. Not long after that he regularly organised some outdoor Goa events with a circle of friends and performed with artists like “Space Cat”, “Alien Project”, “Feuerhake” or “XV Kilist & Rocco”. Back then his musical gusto was already widespread and styles like Big Beat, Funk and Drum n Bass were very important. Soon after that Luk got in contact with the modern Nuskoolbreaks at a party in Zurich for the first time. The influences of various styles fascinated him immediately. Wild party nights with DJ sets from Adam Freeland, Lee Coombs and Soul of Man were finally deciding that Luk exchanged his records like „Dragonfly“ and „Flying Rhino„ with „Marine Parade“ and „Finger Lickin“.

In 2005 he established „Dirty Beats DJ Combo“ with his friends and DJ’s „Maxter“ & „Valipulation“ and began to organise Breaks and Tech-funk parties. „Dirtybeats“ has been the ideal platform for improving his DJ skills and for socializing. In the past few years Luk has been playing alongside artists like „Far too Loud“, „General Midi“, „Soul of Man“, „Quadrat Beat“, „Aston Harvey“ or „Leeroy Thornhill“. „Dirtybeats DJ Combo“ still performs in these days and organises Breaks events in Switzerland.

In 2006 Luk took a first try on the synths. The musical odyssey has begun and it didn’t took long until he found his own style. Former influences from Progressive & Goa Trance have been noticeable in his productions and the combination of impulsive breakbeats and psychedelic leads became essential. His first release „Teen Slasher E.P.“ appeared on the english label „Play Recordings“ in 2009. Further releases on „Bass Frequency Productions“, „Vim Records“, „Ridiculoud Rec.“ followed and allowed collabroations with artists like „Kult├╝r & Colombo“ or „Quadrat Beat“.

Luk Triple Agent produces a mixture of Tech-Funk, Progressive and Psybreaks. His simple slogan, which describes his sound properly, says: "Fast, Forward, Future“.!/pages/Triple-Agent/142149837716?ref=t

Big thanks to Triple Agent for a stomping mix, chock full of psy breaks of the highest order \m/

Archive - Roughly 2 hours, 113MB
Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 121 - ft. Triple Agent - 10th June 2010
Podcast - Disc Breaks Podcast


01.     Monojoke - It Feels Good [Particles]
02.     Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan - Angel Dream (Retroid Remix) [Liquid Surface Recordings]
03.     Fash - Secrets [Silvernoise]
04.     Digital Breaks Foundation - Experience [VIM Records]
05.     Parallax Breakz - Almazzed (M_Spark Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
06.     Ilya Mosolov - Uranium [Avioground Records]
07.     Line Of Sight - Bubblegun (High Eight Remix) [Scarcity Records]
08.     Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Llupa's Me Ans My Remix) [Rune Records]
09.     Fletric - Microgravity [Flextone Recordings]
10.     Beta - One - Breaks Mix [Sound Of Habib]
11.     PRE:AMP - Koi Fish (KULTUR + COLOMBO remix) [Metamorph Muzik]
12.     Laurent Garnier - Gnanmankoudji (Kultur & Colombo Remix) [Pias]

Guest Mix - Triple Agent

01.     Dan F & Ricky Stone - Two Systems [Mob Rec]
02.     RMS & Peak - new Realm (Hedflux Rmx) [Broken Robot]
03.     Triple Agent - the Operator [Broken Robot]
04.     Parallax Breaks - hope (Fletric Rmx) [Morphosis]
05.     Beta - Beat Funk (9-5 Edit) [Far Ace Digital]
06.     Tactical Groove Orbit - Dragon`s Hunt (Quadrat Beat Rmx) [Kick It Recordings]
07.     Kiwa - another brick in the wall [CDR]
08.     Dual Boot - Trigger (Triple Agent Rmx) [Ridiculoud Rec]
09.     Lee Coombs - Detox (Acced Denied Rmx) [LOT49]
10.     Robosapiens - Bodies (Hedflux Rmx) [Dead Famous]
11.     Far too Loud - Dancefloor Destroyer [Funkatech]

Archive - Roughly 2 hours, 113MB
Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 121 - ft. Triple Agent - 10th June 2010
Podcast - Disc Breaks Podcast

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 120 - ft. Kreezy - 3rd June 2010

On a roll with the guest mixes, this week we head back to Russia to showcase Kreezy a local DJ who spins a wicked mix of deep and heavy tunes and has done an exclusive mix just for us


KREEZY is a DJ from Stavropol (Russia), known for playing only break beat: techbreaks and usual mixed with the best in progressive breaks! He has always been a breakbeat listener and breakbeat music collector and in 2008 he began his career when he started his first steps in DJing. Now Kreezy is one of the most active and important members of russian breakbeat community - BBZ.RU.

Together with Boris Ivanov aka. PROMOZ took part in his project "Coffee Break Show" - original promo mixes, which have had rave reviews throughout the breaks scene as in Russia so from abroad, such as: Yreane, Burjuy, Toshie, Tom Clyde, Nick 19gale aka. Virus19xx and others.. Also Kreezy took part in another project focused to progressive breaks sound such as "Morning Coffee Project" on

A what a show... heaps of new stuff from me, plus a very cool mix from Krezzy, cheers to the big man and enjoy!

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 120 - ft. Kreezy - 3rd June 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 110MB


01. - No Cure (Original Mix) [Glack Audio]
02. UnderThis - Skyline (Mesmer Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
03. Fletric - Microgravity (Mobius Remix) [Flextone Recordings]
04. Digital Breaks Foundation - Deeper [VIM Records]
05. Line Of Sight - Bubblegun [Scarcity Records]
06. LuQas - Replicant (MDK Remix) [Dead Famous]
07. Mesmer - Cubes (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix) [Scarcity Records]
08. Kraymon - Without Words (Llupa's Gestuno Remix) [Dusted Breaks]
09. B-Phreak - Wavy Gravy (Duane Barry Remix) [Dead Famous]
10. Parallax Breakz - Eclipse [Rune Records]
11. Dual Boot - Trigger (Triple Agent Remix) [Ridiculoud Records]

Guest Mix - Kreezy

01.     Rik Fade - Nerve Crawler (Bill Vega & New Decade Remix) [Definition:breaks]
02.     Vadim Shantor - My Tasty Ass (Original Mix) [The Pooty Club]
03.     Pre:amp - Koi Fish (Original Mix) [Metamorph Muzik]
04.     Hardnoise - Television (Original Mix) [Distorsion Records]
05.     Freerange DJs - Back To The Old Jack (Eshericks Remix) [APE]
06.     Johnny Dangerously Feat Christa Knox - Neon Lights (Original Mix) [Freakin USA]
07.     Unique 3 - Take This Love (Angel Farringdon Remix) [Mutate]
08.     Sly Fidelity feat. Big D - Skin & Bone (Rennie Pilgrem & Blim Remix) [TCR]
09.     Trafik - Indestructible (Original Mix) [GU Music]
10.     Breaks Will Eat Itself - Resistance (Original Mix) [En:vision]
11.     Bengston - Travelogue (Breaks Remix) [Ritmic Records]
12.     Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa`s Dogmatic Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]

Disc Breaks with Llupa - 120 - ft. Kreezy - 3rd June 2010
Roughly 2 hours, 110MB