Thursday, July 22, 2010


Breakthrough on Thisisbreaks: Llupa

Hey guys,

This Is Breaks have just put up an interview they did with me for their Breakthrough series, plus there's a free exclusive mix of the deep stuff there too - hope ya dig it.

The mix tracklist is;

01. Parallax Breakz - Hope [Scarcity Records]
02. - No Cure (Another Mix) [Glack Audio]
03. Fletric - Plug Me (Retroid Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
04. Fletric - Microgravity (Mobius Remix) [Flextone Recordings]
05. Fash - Secrets [Silvernoise]
06. Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa's Dogmatic Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
07. Clesk - AK47 (Aeron Aether Remix) [Stranamente Music]
08. Triple Agent - Mindwarp [VIM Records]
09. Digital Breaks Foundation - Deeper [VIM Records]
10. Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Llupa's Me And My Remix) [Rune Records]
11. Line Of Sight - Bubblegun [Scarcity Records]
12. Mesmer - Cubes [Scarcity Records]
13. Kraymon - Without Words (Llupa's Gestuno Remix) [Dusted Breaks]
14. Parallax Breakz - Eclipse [Rune Records]
15. B-Phreak - Wavy Gravy (Duane Barry Remix) [Dead Famous]
16. Dual Boot - Trigger (Triple Agent Remix) [Ridiculoud Records]
17. Depeche Mode - Peace (BSD Remix) [Party Style]
18. Aggresivnes - Essence (Llupa's Passive Remix) [Electroshok Records]




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