Thursday, October 20, 2011


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 179 - ft. AP3X - 20/10/11

Coming in with the guest mix hat trick, this week we're featuring one of the new and rising stars in the scene - AP3X. AP3x has been a name on the local scene in New Zealand, but really broke out internationally with his recent single on Ridiculoud 'Power Struggle' - I rinsed it and the Retroid remix a lot, so thought I should get him on the show to see what else he has coming up and to get an idea of what he's got in the box. Needless to say he's thrown down a wickedly chunky mix featuring some of his new stuff and a host of new tunes from the deep tech funk end of breakbeat.

I also have the one and only fellow NSB DJ The Scritch staying at Chez Llupa, so expect some b2b shizzle for the first hour


AP3X is a name that has become synonymous with dark, driving, energetic music in the Auckland dance scene.

From playing parties at the local soccer club in rural South Auckland on an old pc and Tractor V1.0, aged 16, to supporting international acts like Freestylers (UK), Scratch Perverts (UK), Rennie Pilgrim (UK), Baobinga & I.D (UK), NAPT (UK), Vent (UK), one thing that hasn’t changed is a true love for electronic music.

Arriving on the Auckland club scene in 2002 with the conception of “Revolt”, co-promoted with the infamous Andy Bukshot, he started off playing progressive house and techno. The eventual discovery of breaks around 2003 set the course for the future.

After gigs all around the North Island, guest dj mixes on NZ national music TV channel ‘Juice’ as well as the two major Auckland Dance radio stations, co-hosting the ‘Audio Damage’ show on UPFM and holding things down for one of NZ’s longest running breaks nights “Infectious” with co-promoters and dj’s $ure$hot and Joe Revell, the natural progression was to move onto production.

With a couple of minor releases already under his belt, AP3X shifted focus from the club to the studio. The result is his first release with U.S label Ridiculoud Records, “Power Struggle” with a remix from breaks heavyweight Retroid. Now with the controls firmly set to making tough, driving, prog tipped breaks, watch this space...

Catch AP3X alongside Andy Bukshot weekly on the ‘Audio Damage’ show on UPFM 107.5 local or stream at

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Damn, that was a solid guest mix - big props to AP3X for laying down the goodness - he is a name you're going to be hearing more from real soon. Big shout to the Scritch too for the back 2 back shenanigans, always nice to mix it up live on the show.

Llupa b2b Scritch

01. Cage Page Vs Toy Quantise - Remember The Feature (Fisso & Spark Remix) [DSUK]
02. A-Mase - Emotions & Dreams (Digital Department Remix) [DSUK]
03. Pitch Black - Bird Soul (FunknSloCuts Remix)
04. Stanton Warriors - Who Are The Warriors (Bass Kleph Remix)
05. Taishan - Capoeria Ting
06. Taishan - Dub Hypnosis
07. Zarbizarre - Kinesthetic
08. Kid Panel - My Funny []
09. Plump DJ's - Pray For You ft. Gary Newman (Lee Coombs Remix)
10. Meat Katie - Bizarre Is Beautiful (MartOpetEr Remix) [CDR]
11. Hedflux - Integrator [AUX]
12. Bo Scott - Bo Knows Disco (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Kick It Recordings]
13. Mike Hulme - 100mg (The Loops Of Fury Remix)

Guest mix - AP3X

01. Neurodriver - The Depths
02. Elite Force - No Turning Back (Hedflux Remix)
03. Hardnoise - Body Works
04. Kosheen DJ's - Konflict (AP3X Edit)
05. Weekend Hero's - Tribal Dose
06. Far Too Loud - Rock That Beat
07. Meat Katie - Bizarre is Beautiful VS. Refracture - Let Go (AP3X Edit)
08. Headflux vs. Neurodriver - Energy Vibration
09. AP3X vs. Home Alone - Connect
10. Headflux - Basscake (Plastic Shell Remix)
11. Pop Art - Lola

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Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 179 - ft. AP3X - 20th October 2011
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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 178 - ft. Records - 13/10/11

Backing it up with another exclusive label showcase this time from another new label - Run by Macho the label has only been around for a couple of years, but has put out some solid and quality releases that I've rinsed well and proper on the show. This mix showcases some of the previous tracks but also gives us a taster of whats coming on a label that gets better with every release. records is breakbeat label based in Slovakia, started in November 2009 and run by Macho.

Artist roster includes Andy Faze, Bobsan, Brabeats, Digibox, Dj33, Ear Drum Kru, Grade-E, Home Alone, In:formation, K-Beatz, Kid Panel, Killreall, Macho, Metha, One of Bra, Open Cluster, Sam Hell, Shroombab, The Analogeeks, The Lucky 23, The Mind Hackers, Trukers and Vida G.

Some of singles hit Beatport Breaks Top 100, Trackitdown Breaks Top 100 and JunoDownload Top 100. Actual release by Metha will be reviewed in Mixmag december issue. Releases got nice feedback and support from Elite Force, Meat Katie, Beatman and Ludmilla, Rektchordz, Hedflux, Vandal, Mike Hulme, Pale Penguin and more...

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Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 178 - ft. Records - 13th October 2011
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Cheers to Macho for a wicked taster of all things - lot's a tasty stuff coming soon from them :D shorter mix from me, but still managed to squeeze in the goodness including a couple of tracks off the forthcoming iBreaks long player release from Colombo + a first time play for AP3X & Home Alone 'Connect' coming soon on Diablo Loco Records


01. Evgeny KoTT - Deep Moments (Alfoa Deep Diving Remix) [Nueva Digital]
02. Omauha - Extra [Morphosis Limited]
03. Sovt - Your Wish [Perceptive Recordings]
04. HardNoise - End of Summer (Parallax Breakz remix) [RUNE Recordings]
05. Colombo - Nugatory [iBreaks]
06. Tom Clyde - Zeitgeist [Diablo Loco Records]
07. Elite Force - No Turning Back (Hedflux Mix) [U&A]
08. AP3X & Home Alone - Connect [Diablo Loco Records]
09. Colombo - We’re going Here [iBreaks]

Guest Mix - Records

01. the lucky 23 - big time
02. metha - dark smile
03. the lucky 23 - up and down
04. ear drum kru - 24 7 (macho remix)
05. kid panel - medicine (feat. vida g)
06. macho - transformers (red key mix)
07. the analogeeks - psychofunk
08. macho - reptile (digibox remix)
09. trukers - promising (open cluster remix)
10. macho - red key (home alone remix)
11. vida g - why
12. k-beatz - rock2night
13. macho and djane tracy - so real
14. killreall - dub4life (brabeats remix)

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Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 178 - ft. Records - 13th October 2011
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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Disc Breaks with Llupa - 177 - ft. Diablo Loco Records - 06/10/11

Back with another label showcase, this time from a newer label making waves across the scene Diablo Loco Records! Only up to their 7th release, but already known for the quality techy focussed breaks, the sister label of VIM has launched with a bang and this mix showcases some of what has been released as well as a stack of new stuff still to come. Make sure you grab this show as Diablo Loco Records are fast becoming a fave label of some serious breaks heads - and the not so serious ones... ;)


DIABLO LOCO RECORDS is a new label inspired by the culture of traditional Mexican wrestling and it’s heroes…..the famous LUCHADORES.

With the aim to deliver top quality Electronic music to the audience the label is focused on Tech-Breaks, Electro-Breaks and Tech-Funk sound. Based on a roster of top quality producers and remixers you can expect killer monthly singles, extraordinary yearly compilation EPs and some awesome mix compilations.

Diablo Loco’s design, logos, visual appearance etc will be focused on the Luchadores culture while music will be primarily dancefloor oriented! The label was launched at the beginning of 2011 by PALE PENGUIN (V.I.M.RECORDS label manager) and STAMA aka WASABI (ERASE RECORDS label manager). With some killer singles by the likes of DJ HAL, PETE JORDAN & MICHAEL MORPH, LIZARD KINGS & ELECTRIC SOULSIDE, LADY PACKA, HOME ALONE, DIGIBOX, TOM CLYDE superb remixes by PETE JORDAN & HEXADECIMAL, HOME ALONE, CAPTAIN MAGIC aka VANDAL, BOONOS, DEENK, MESMER, ROBOSAPIENS, COLOMBO, THE ANALOGEEKS and upcoming hot stuff by some of today’s best artists of the Tech-Breaks/Tech-Funk scene seems that 2011 will be a special year for the label.

Log on, tune in and watch out……..for the Truth Behind The Mask!

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Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 177 - ft. Diablo Loco Records - 6th October 2011
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Big shout to Diablo Loco for a great guest mix spanning the whole range of tracks coming outta the label - all quality! Lot's of new stuff in tmine too from, DSUK, VIM, Acida and a classic from LOT49


01. Deeply Unexpected - Stolen Disco [VIM Records]
02. A-Mase - Emotions & Dreams (Digital Department Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
03. Stylus Rex - Halo Ember [Ground Level]
04. Andrew Maze - Too Late (MDK Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
05. Alfoa - Origami [Morphosis Limited]
06. The Brainkiller - Neptuno [Distortion Records]
07. CUT & RUN - Vienna [Crisp Biscuit]
08. Geon - Perpetual Motion (Colombo Remix) [Acida Records]
09. Hedflux, Neurodriver - Energy Vibration [Broken Robot]
10. Koma & Bones - Get Down (The Breakfastaz Remix) [LOT49]
11. DiiSTORTiiON - Cyber Warfare [VIM]
12. Home Alone Vs. Yreane - Low Freq [Yellowfinger]

Guest Mix - Diablo Loco Records

Tracklist to come....

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Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - 177 - ft. Diablo Loco Records - 6th October 2011
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